Dermefface FX7 Acne Scar Treatment

Dermefface FX7 diminishes and removes acne scars caused by accidents, acne, chicken pox, burns, and more, and it works on old as well as new scars. Unsightly scars can cause others to stare, and they can threaten the self esteem of the person who suffers from them. While many sufferers turn to expensive and invasive procedures like laser surgery or steroid injections, others aren’t willing to take the risks associated with those scar removal techniques. For decades, these sufferers have felt like they had no other options, but now, there is something.

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Dermefface FX7 is uniquely designed to minimize scars painlessly, inexpensively, and easily. It contains a proprietary blend of active ingredients that have been seamlessly interwoven with powerful antioxidants and soothing moisturizers. To get the full effect of this scar removal cream, users simply need to apply it to their scar twice a day for at least four weeks.

Works with the Body’s Natural Cell Regeneration Cycle

During the initial four week application period, the cream with work with the skin’s natural 28-day cell regeneration cycle. It will maximize the removal of old and damaged cells while boosting the production of new and healthy cells. After four weeks, most users notice that their scars have significantly diminished. When speaking about the product Lisa D’Amota said that she noticed results in just two weeks. After just fourteen days of using the cream, her scars seemed to be healing faster than normal, and the redness on her nose and face had almost been completely eliminated.

Remodeling Penetrates and Heals All Layers of a Scar

In spite of seeing results, she still did not quit using the cream. Even once scars are healed on the surface, Dermefface FX7 continues to work below the surface, completing a process that the cream’s manufacturers like to call “remodeling.” The “remodeling” of a scar can take up to two years, depending on the severity of the scar. Generally, small scars can be healed in just three to four months while larger scars need at least six months of treatment or more.

During both the early healing stages and the remodeling process, the cream’s seven active ingredients, its 10 antioxidants, and five moisturizers work together to penetrate all of the skin’s layers and push scar cells to the top of the skin.

Once scar cells have reached the top layer of skin, they can easily be sloughed away while Dermefface FX7 helps to create new healthy cells in that layer of skin. The scientifically-proven moisturizers in the cream ensure that this process is never itchy or uncomfortable.

Recommended by Top Surgeons

Over the years, consumers have become skeptical of many acne scar removal products. Often, people in the skincare or plastic surgery industry hesitate to recommend these creams to their clients, because they are not as effective as surgical techniques. With Dermefface FX7, that is simply not the case. Dr. Dave David, a medical commentator for CNN and a prominent cosmetic surgeon from Boston, has come out in favor of this cream.

Although Dr. Dave admits to being skeptical of all other scar reduction creams on the market, he notes that this one is different. The manufacturers of this cream understand the science behind scar formation and skin regeneration, and thus, they were able to create a cream that effectively heals scars, he reports. It is the only scar reduction cream that he advises his clients to use, and he has countless stories about its successful use.

Money Back Guarantee and Commitment to Work

Dermefface FX7 is made by Skinception. A leader in the skincare industry, Skinception is committed to creating skincare and anti-aging products that really work. As a testament to their products, they offer a 90 day money-back guarantee on everything they sell.

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