Freshology Meal Delivery System

Achieve a healthy diet and weight loss with Freshology!

Are You Looking For A Fresh Diet Plan That Works?

Freshology is a revolutionary gourmet diet delivery plan which will help you to successfully lose the weight. The program delivers you wonderful foods that are delicious as well as fresh. The diet plan also provides you with the convenience of not having to put together your own meal plans. They are delivered right to your door from state-of-the-art cooking kitchens from renown chefs.

Are you ready to make a change for the better?

If you need to lose weight and have failed at so many other options you have tried, you definitely need to give Freshology a try! This program is premium and will give you portion control meals that help the body to fight against fatigue, diseases, and they will help you to improve your personal quality of life!

The meals are packed with needed vitamins and minerals for the body. Each meal provided for you is well balanced and also are freshly prepared with you in mind. The flavor profiles are just outstanding!

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Who can follow Freshology?

If you live in the 48 contiguous states, then you can sign up for the Freshology plan! If you are in your twenties, then you can follow this plan. If you are in your eighties, then you can also follow the Freshology program.

Why is Freshology one of the best programs?

Freshology takes meal planning to the next level. Only the finest of ingredients are purchased for the food creations. Most products will come from available organically certified suppliers in the area. If organic is not available, the products used must meet premium standards!

Celebrities use Freshology!

If it is great for the celebrities, then it is great for you! Here are just some of the celebrities that have used and spoken highly of the Freshology program: Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, Maureen McCormick, Ricki Lake, Pink, Katy Perry, Hiliary Duff, Gladys Knight, as well as many others. You can personally read some of the articles available in New Beauty, Shape Magazine, US Weekly, People Magazine, and In Touch Weekly.

Do you need Gluten Free Menu Planning?

Freshology has you covered by offering those who are seeking out Gluten free menu options. Currently, this program is available in Southern California. If you live in another area, then be sure to contact a service representative for more info.

Three levels of Fresh

This program offers three levels of Fresh including the FreshDining, FreshLite, and The Edge. The FreshDining runs approximately $49.95 per day plus you will also gain free shipping. The FreshLite runs approximately $39.95 per day plus you will receive free shipping. The Edge is available for $69.95 per day plus free delivery as well.

          Key Features of the Fresh Dining Program

  • Meals are delivered on a daily basis with a two week minimum program
  • Gluten free program is an option
  • Includes three meals, snack, and dessert
  • Menu is creative gourmet options
  • Possible weight loss of three pounds per week

          Key Features of Fresh Lite Program

  • Meals are delivered on a daily basis with a two week minimum
  • Includes three meals and a dessert
  • Menu is traditional gourmet options
  • Possible weight loss of three pounds per week

          Key Features of The Edge Program

  • Meal options will vary by the program chosen
  • Designed for accelerated weight loss in the body
  • Higher protein with lower carbs
  • Possible weight loss of five pounds per week

The Full Program of Freshology

Regardless of the program platform you choose within the Freshology options, you will know that you are getting a premium weight loss program. You will get meals delivered right to your door along with helps to make your new lifestyle a success. You will be given info on how to heat your meals to get the best results.

Tips will be provided on taking supplements, or whether to use seasonings on your food items. Each program will help you to be successful in losing weight and gaining control over your health. Within many programs, you will be allowed to customize to your needs.


The programs from Freshology is about great tastes, providing convenience, and having style. If you are too busy in your life to stop and think about what you need to eat, weighing foods, counting calories and fat grams, then consider trying this program.

The programs can be used by busy moms, working dads, nannies, grandparents, as well as young adults. The programs are healthy and full of nutritious choices for the body. No need to worry about what is for lunch, or dinner, any more. There is no need to buy those expensive cookbooks, or join those monthly online programs only to find that you will gain the weight back!

High Reviews from Freshology Users

High reviews are coming in from many Freshology users. They love the program and how quickly they are losing the weight. They are letting others know how easy the program is since a lot of the work is already done for them. In other words, you will gain peace of mind by following this premium diet program.

Celebrities and everyday people are using this diet program to be successful in losing weight. You don’t have to be a Hollywood star to benefit from using a program that works! Try Freshology today!

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