GoPro HEROS3 Cameras

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Black Edition Features

gopro black editionThe Black Edition comes fitted with Wi-Fi which enables remote control over tablets and smartphones that have the GoPro application. It has a mountable design making it wearable. This edition is considered superior owing to its waterproofing properties; capturing images under water is possible because of this characteristic. It comes with a waterproof housing that is 197’/60m. The 12MP photo capture feature in this camera makes HD video quality possible.

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The edition is also fully compatible with LCD Touch BacPac as well as second generation BacPac. This edition comes with hardware that makes attaching helmets and other gear easy. The GoPro app is also compatible and comes free with the camera. The edition is loaded with settings like continuous photo and looping video. These settings allow the capture of photos while taking video footage.

Silver Edition Features

gopro silver editionThe HEROS3 Silver Edition is 25% lighter than its previous model. It weights just about 2.6 ounces. It is also fitted with waterproofing properties that make it possible to capture images under water. Specifically, waterproof to 197′ or 60m. It is capable of capturing ultra-wide photos and video from 1080p and 720p with 30 fps. The rate of capture is about 10 photos per second. The design is not just mountable but it is wearable as well. The HD video and 11MP photos provide for professional quality photos.

This edition comes with built in Wi-Fi that is compatible with several devices among them smartphones. It is also built to support older generation BacPacs. Other feature settings that can be found on this camera are white balance control, that is manual, as well as looping video. The edition is compatible with the GoPro app which is provided free with the product. The Wi-Fi remote that is compatible is sold separately with this product.

White Edition Features

gopro white editionThe White Edition is about 30% smaller and Lighter by 25%. It comes with built in Wi-Fi and has a design that is both wearable and mountable. 5MP photo capture is present where it captures 3 photos per second. It is compatible with the second generation battery BacPac as well as the older generation BacPacs.

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It can also be used with LCD Touch BacPac. It captures high quality images owing to the waterproof housing to 197’/60m. HD video quality is possible with this camera. Users can also implement the wide angle capture enabled in the settings. Mounts and hardware allow it to attach to gears, helmets; to mention just but a few.


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