TriLASTIN SR Stretch Mark Cream

When I started looking at TriLASTIN SR, I thought their promises seemed too good to be true. The manufacturers claimed that this product worked faster than other stretch mark removal creams, and the before and after photos from their case studies were almost unbelievable. The case studies included three women with horrible stretch marks that were almost completely unnoticeable after using TriLASTIN SR, and one of the women was even over 50!

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They claimed that their product was so effective thanks to its exclusive SDS delivery system and its time released delivery method. After noting their A+ rating with the BBB and their top notch customer service rating with Stella Elite, I decided to try it! I knew I had nothing to lose thanks to their 60 day money back guarantee.

Maybe I’m genetically predisposed to stretch marks because I’ve been noticing them since I was about thirteen. The summer my chest grew three cup sizes, I got massive red welts that eventually turned into permanent silvery stretch marks on the sides of my breasts. These were easy to hide, but as I got older and more “active”, I wished they would just disappear. In college, I gained a lot of weight, and when I lost it a few years later, my body seemed covered with unsightly marks.

I had stretch marks on my belly, my arms, and my legs. It was pretty gross. I was thin enough to wear whatever I wanted, but I felt like I needed to cover up my skin all the time.

I had tried a few different creams, but nothing really worked so I wasn’t feeling hopeful about TriLASTIN. I have never been so happy to admit that I was wrong.

After just a few weeks rubbing TriLASTIN SR on my marks, they started to disappear. By the three month mark, you could barely notice that I had ever had any stretch marks.

Although my stretch marks had virtually disappeared, I decided to keep using the cream. In addition to removing stretch marks, it could also help to prevent them, and I was thinking about having a baby so I really wanted to ensure that my skin was as healthy as possible.

I was surprised at how well the cream worked, but considering the science that was behind it, I really shouldn’t have been surprised at all. TriLASTIN SR works by encouraging the fiber of my skin to basically heal itself. To do this, it relies on a unique blend of natural ingredients that create more elastin and collagen in my skin.

Collagen is the part of the skin’s fiber that makes the skin strong and firm while elastin is the part of the skin’s fiber that makes it stretchy. People who have a lot of elastin typically get fewer stretch marks than other people because their skin can stretch without tearing its fibers.

By increasing my elastin, I was reducing my chances of getting stretch marks in the future. Additionally, by increasing my collagen levels, I was allowing my skin to get stronger and firmer. The extra collagen was actually filling in the crevices and furrows of the stretch marks.

I know beauty is only skin deep, but when my skin looked more beautiful, I felt more beautiful on the inside and out. Now, I can wear whatever I want, and I never have to worry about hiding my skin. I’ve never felt happier or more confident, and it’s all thanks to TriLASTIN SR.

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