Understanding Libido

Libido is the person’s need for sexual activity or sex drive. Sex drive varies from person to person. Moreover, sex drive is multi-dimensional because it has biological, social and psychological components. The biological component includes the level of hormones. For example, the testosterone hormone in men is believed to be the reason behind an increased sex drive.

The psychological dimension on the other hand, involves the personality of the person, while the social dimension includes his or her work and family. According to studies, there is no correlation between sex drive and actual sex activity.

This is because a person may engage in sexual activity without sex drive. Moreover, a person can have an increase sex drive but internal and external conditions prohibit him or her from engaging in sexual activity. Given this, sex drive can also be repressed.

Sex drive is very important in propagating the human race. Without sex drive, there’s a high possibility that the human race will become extinct. It also enhances the relationship between partners due to a closer connection.

According to a study conducted by the Arizona State University, an increase sex drive among middle-aged women resulted to a positive mood and a feeling of less stressed the following day.

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