Watch Winder Guide

“Need Help Buying A Watch Winder?”

watch winderFor people who love their automatic watches and perpetual calendars, a watch winder is an important investment. A watch winder is a device that is used to wind an automatic watch.

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Automatic watches are designed to be worn regularly, or they must be wound on a regular basis to prevent them from winding down.

The process of manually resetting an automatic watch is delicate and tedious especially for those who have a large collection of automatic watches.

Why It is Important to Have a Watch Winder

A watch winder is useful because there is no other way to reset an automatic wristwatch or timepiece when it dies down and stops, unless you want to unscrew the crown of the watch to get to the winding mechanism and wind the timepiece yourself.

A winder is designed to allow you to reset the timepiece without the need to tinker with the most delicate parts of the watch, so you avoid causing wear and possibly extensive damage to an expensive watch.

A watch winder also helps prevent the pooling of oils in random parts of the watch interior when it winds down and stops. Pooling happens to the oil that is used to lubricate watch parts. This disruption in the even distribution of oil results to lack of lubrication in some parts, while other parts remain well-lubricated.

This can disrupt the function of the watch and may cut the life of the timepiece short. Watch winders, by keeping the watch moving, help in ensuring that all parts are fully lubricated and functioning well.

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Watch winders are also important for those who keep a large collection of watches with complicated perpetual calendar features. There are winder models designed to hold multiple watches and keep them moving all at once. Keeping multiple watches in motion allows collectors to ensure that all watches in their collection are wound correctly and up-to-date.

How a Watch Winder Works

Automatic watches operate using a self-winding mechanism using a moving weight inside the watch which swings as the watch is worn. Movement keeps the weight swinging, so the moment movement ceases, the watch starts to wind down and eventually stop.

A watch winder is essentially a device that moves the watch in a circular motion to simulate hand movements and operate the self-winding mechanism, so that even if the watch is not worn, it is kept in motion and the mechanism continues to operate.

Most automatic watches also come with a locking mechanism that stops the winding process as soon as the mainspring is fully wound to prevent over winding. However, most watch winders are also equipped with a timer to stop the winding process when the mainspring is wound to prevent any unnecessary wear on the winding mechanism.

A watch winder is a good investment if you have an automatic watch that you do not continuously wear. If you have a large collection of automatic watches, a winder is a necessary tool to keep your timepieces up-to-date and in good shape.

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