We tried to tell you about Triflin’ Amy Robach. Now she’s allegedly playing the victim regarding TJ Holmes’ past

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach on the set of Good Morning America in New York.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach on the set of Good Morning America in New York.

A source believed to be close to Amy Robach says the GMA3 host was surprised by TJ Holmes’ alleged past. This person also said The sun that Robach had no idea the turmoil their reported workplace romance would cause.

The source insisted that Robach had no idea of ​​Holmes’ alleged prior relationships. Just last week, the DailyMail ran a story that he had an affair with an ABC intern who was 13 years younger than him.

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This would have taken place during the early years of his marriage to Marilee Fiebig. There were also allegations that Holmes had also had sex with an ABC producer prior to his alleged relationship with Robach.

“She had no idea of ​​the extent of the alleged romances spent at TJ’s office. She certainly hadn’t anticipated their relationship would cause major upheaval – outside of her own marriage. She didn’t expect to this is escalating into a scandal,” the source explained.

Holmes and Robach have been fueling the tabloids since photos confirming their alleged romance went viral in December. The couple was on the air after the broadcast of these images.

However, ABC decided to pull them in order to “weigh the effect their recent revelation of a romantic relationship might have on the program and the business.”

The source also said The sun that the ABC investigation “will look into Amy’s past to try and find a scandal, but luckily for her, she’s doing pretty well.” The root predicted that Robach would play the victim role to garner sympathy and gain public support. None of his reported behavior and comments shock us. The fallout from this scandal will continue to unravel.

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